I Ate Some Popcorn: Crimson Peak


So, Del Toro’s new movie is out. Crimson Peak is, I think, the distillation of Del Toro as a director. The style, the period, the uneasiness, and that glossy, lush sheen of “not quite real” that covers everything from the sets to the actors. It’s a Grimm’s Fairy Tale vibe all through it.

One of the criticisms I saw of the movie was that the story was very predictable. Honestly, the story is incredibly predictable. If you the viewer can’t tell what’s going on before the first act is over then – I don’t know, maybe you spent the first thirty minutes in the bathroom.  But I think this actually enhances the movie.

Crimson Peak is all about dread. It has it’s fair share of jump-scares, but Del Toro want’s to see how long he can draw out your dread before relieving the tension with a sting. We the audience know what is in store for the heroine of the story. But all we can do is watch helplessly – as if we ourselves are some impotent ghostly warning she will not heed – as she learns the true depths and horror of her situation.

As far as gore goes it’s not a splatter-fest. Like Pan’s Labyrinth what violence exists is all too realistic and frankly depicted. If you like spooky movies and violence won’t keep you awake all night then this is a great way to kick off the Halloween season.