Get BAKED (by Amy’s)


I don’t actually care much for cupcakes. Either the frosting is divine and the cake is dry, crumbly, and stale. Or the cake is superb and the frosting is just sugar on sugar. Any filling seems like an over-the-top indulgence just there to build rep or make up for dry cake. At any rate, the popularity of cupcakes seems to depend more on appealing to the eye than the mouth. But BAKED by Amy’s has cracked the code. Beautiful cupcakes that taste even better than they look (which take some of the sting out of eating these little artworks).

As soon as you open the door, you know that you’re in for a treat. It just smells right – the scent of sugar, butter, and flour waft out to meet you.

The Murlocs who Dine got a cupcake sampler today: s’mores, peppermint patty, lemon blueberry, tres leches, and Zilker mint. The three of us pretty well devastated all five of the cupcakes we ordered. The fresh lemon curd in the middle of the lemon blueberry cupcake (my favorite) was a delightful surprise.

In short, these are the platonic ideal of “cupcake”. Definitely worth the drive way up north for a treat.