Two Heads are Better than One

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So there’s a certain class of food that is too good to be wasted on paying customers. These are the bits on the animal that you get to pick on in the kitchen before serving the “pretty” food. In the case of fish, that’s the head. There are pockets of moist deliciousness in the cheeks, the top of the skull, and the collar (behind the gill slits but in front of the pectoral fins). A single red snapper like this is hors d’oeuvres for three; a good-sized salmon could make a meal. Simply throw it in the oven at 425 for 20-25 minutes (until the flesh is opaque) and you have some wonderful fish. A little salt, a little lemon, and a little willingness to go hunting for treasure and you’re in business.

You can pick up fish heads at your seafood department and they are incredibly cheap. The one on top was priced at a whopping $0.99/lb but the guy behind the counter threw it in for free with the whole snapper.

And because I know all this talk about fish heads leads to the inevitable . . . . .

Fun Facts: One of the people singing was the kid who would teleport you “into the cornfield” if he didn’t like you. And I have no idea how much acid was dropped in the making of this music video but I suspect the number was between one and “all of it”.