Romancing the Mineral


So a few posts back I indulged in a little reminiscing about the things I have in my kitchen that remind me of other people. I brought up my salt cellar and promised that it would get its own post. This is as good a time as any.

I’m writing this the day after my fifth wedding anniversary. Five years to an amazing person that I’m lucky to have in my life.

On the day of our wedding we did not have a unity candle. I’m generally not the sort for decorative candles. But the symbolism of two families coming together and making a new one was also important to me.

Our dads, filling the cellar for the first time

So why salt?

There is an old tradition that if two people were making a vow to each other, they would each pour a portion of salt into a container. In order to break the contract you had to separate out your grains of salt from the others.

Salt is the locus and symbol for so many good things that you want in your marriage. It purifies, it preserves, and it makes driving safer. It brings flavors to new heights, but simultaneously brings them together in a more harmonious fashion. It’s a crave-able substance but also one that is as necessary to the body as oxygen. It is a precious thing that must be used wisely, but liberally as well. Salt is a protective substance in much of folklore. Like the stories that inspired King Lear, we love each other like fresh meat loves a pinch of salt.

Five years on . . . . looks like time for a refill

Five years later, we are still using the salt from that cellar. Every time it gets about halfway down we top it off with a bit more kosher salt and give it a good shake. Theoretically there could still be some grains in there left from our wedding day. I like that idea. Every time I cook something that requires salt (so basically everything except breakfast cereal) I use our salt cellar. It sits out on our counter and gets moved to the dining room table for mealtimes. A constant reminder of coming together and what we mean to each other.

Love you, babe.

(And don’t worry faithful readers. I’m not going to turn this into a lovey-dovey lifestyle blog. Just this one entry.)