Wood you? I wood: Teak Neighborhood Grill


Whew! I am terribly behind in my reviews. Time to catch up a bit with a look back to our time in Orlando.


Now, in my review of Beth’s Burger Bar I mentioned that there were two kinds of burger: the kind that’s a good burger, celebrating the greasy meat and squishy bun, and then there’s the kind where the burger is used as a palette for other flavors and ingredients. Both of these have their time and place. Teak Neighborhood Grill is the latter sort of burger. (The Murlocs who Dine went with a burger theme for our latest trip to Orlando.)

Teak is the sort of place where you suspect the beer selection was assembled long before the food plan was. And there’s nothing at all wrong with that. If you like craft beer then this is a great place to go. Their beer list reads like The Silmarillion.

That being said, they sure make an impact with their burgers, presenting them with a flair for the visual and perfectly posed for Instagramming, even at 10:00 PM. Most of the pictures I took don’t do the place justice because we ate on the patio. Perfect lighting for chumming it up over some drinks, not so perfect for that perfect food shot. That being said, I did get this photo of my dinner: The Cronie Burger.

“OMG I just arrived at the table looking like this. #NoFilter”

Yes, that is a burger with bacon, gouda, and a fried egg sandwiched between two off-brand Cronuts. It was an astounding combination of rich, smokey, umami, and sweet. The “french donuts” held up to the half pound of angus beef better than I would have thought. I accompanied my burger with the “side winders” which were battered potato slices.

Colin got the Drunken Monk. This was, again, based on a half-pound burger. Keeping Bossy company in the pretzel bun was onion jam (made with Angry Orchard cider), roasted cherry tomatoes, smoked bacon, herbed mayonnaise, provolone, cheddar, and potato chips. Whew. Whatever mad genius is concocting these burgers knows just what to pile on.

Teak bills itself as a neighborhood joint, and they certainly succeed in achieving that vibe. It feels like it would be a hopping, but comfortable, place to watch the sporting event of your choice or have brunch and catch up. And through our direct experience I can tell you it’s a great place to go for a too-late dinner.

My fellow Murloc who Dines had this to say: “It’s awesome.”

Teak Neighborhood Grill, 6400 Times Square, Orlando, FL 32865