Road Food: Wawa


Because the food isn’t always the destination.


One of the big puzzlements in my life (okay, not big but certainly reoccurring with frequency) is why so much of on-the-go food is made up of greasy gut-bombs. It seems to me the very last time you want to risk an emergency bio break would be in the middle of a traffic-packed turnpike.

So I love places you can get a good cold sandwich. Enter Wawa.

Technically, this is a “Where to eat in Orlando” post because that’s where we stopped. But Wawa’s can be found in several states. wawaWawa is an eastern Pennsylvania based chain. It extends down the east coast all the way into Florida. According to Wikipedia, they take the name from the area of Pennsylvania they started in, Wawa. The town got it’s name from the Ojibwe word for the Canada goose.

Not pictured: triangles

Like it’s mortal enemy Sheetz (a western PA chain), Wawa is a fuel stop, a convenience store, and a place to get a fresh made sandwich. So you can grab the goods for a whole picnic or linger at the tables for a sammich and coffee while you stretch your legs. The bathrooms are pretty clean too (also important in a rest stop). Perhaps most importantly, the Murlocs who Dine think the sandwiches are good enough to seek out a Wawa just for the sandwich. All in all, a far better meal than you really have any right to expect from a gas station. I only have one semi-real complaint, sandwiches should be cut in triangles.

Pictured here is the turkey and ham club sandwich. The freshly toasted bread is not soaked and the iceberg lettuce provides that important crunch. It’s a little squished in real life, but frankly that makes it easier to eat in the car.

That’s a pretty sizable sandwich

What do you think readers? Where do you like to eat when you’re traveling?