Air Food: Austin International’s Salt Lick Taco Bar


Hello faithful readers! My updates have been spotty lately since I’ve been on the road. I’ve got ever so much to talk about.

But first, let’s talk about how nice it is to be home again. Travel is nearly always an enjoyable treat, but the coming back home after a long trip has its own satisfactions.

Speaking of enjoyable treats, while I dearly love the foods of Pittsburgh, it was immensely satisfying walking off the plane and grabbing a barbecue brisket taco. Especially since the flight out of PIT left before the airport restaurants opened and I landed at about 1 in the afternoon. Pittsburgh does many foods well, but beef barbecue and tacos are not what its known for.

Tucked behind a coffee bar and next to the Asleep at the Wheel stage is a small booth dishing up Salt Lick barbecue into tortillas. The tortillas are chewy, store-bought things and the cheese was superfluous, but the cabbage was crispy, the brisket was succulent, and the sauce on top was a nice sweetness to bring it together. Exactly what you want when you step off a plane short on sleep, hungry as a bear, and already to be done with the day.

I would have no objections to this being someone’s introduction to the foods of Texas