NSFV(egans): Let’s Get Grimm – Chicken Feet

Okay, now that I have the vegans and vegetarians distracted with an awesome plant based dish, let’s get Grimm, brotha. I’m talking old-school Germanic kid’s tales. I’m talking chicken feet.

Vision-ary Cooking: Chicken Paprikash

If you didn’t get that pun, then you need to go see Captain America: Civil War (like seriously, close this tab and hie thee down to your megaplex).

Thai One On: Red Thai Curry Pork

I think it’s pretty much required when you have a cooking blog that you refer to a Thai recipe with that “Thai one on” pun at some point. I’m just getting out in front of that early. But really, the only thing Thai about this recipe is the Thai Kitchen branded red curry paste. So…

Murlacos Tacos (Carnitas)

Another taco recipe! Carnitas in the very traditional fashion involves braising an entire pig until the water evaporates and it deep-fries in its own fat. This recipe approximates the results with a home-kitchen friendly pork shoulder (also known as a Boston Butt).

Cooking with Butts (Asparagus Soup)

The title was either that or something about “taking a leek” (I think I’ll save that one for vichyssoise). Did you know that something like 40% of the food in this country is thrown out? That’s an astonishing amount. Yeah, you could compost the “unpleasant to eat” things like woody asparagus butts, but with a…

Two Heads are Better than One

So there’s a certain class of food that is too good to be wasted on paying customers. These are the bits on the animal that you get to pick on in the kitchen before serving the “pretty” food. In the case of fish, that’s the head. There are pockets of moist deliciousness in the cheeks,…