What do You Want to Know: Food Trucks

Greetings faithful readers! I am super excited this week because on Thursday I’m going to interview one of the best food trucker’s in the nation, Chef Eric of Hey You Gonna Eat or What. And that’s not just my sandwich-loving opinion, we’d be here all day if I were to list all the accolades his…

Trucklandia Fest 2016: Part Two

The Truckening

Dueling ‘Que: Kreuz vs Smitty’s

This past Tuesday the Murlocs who dine made the trip to Lockhart, Texas. There are so many great barbecue joints in central Texas and it makes an excellent excuse for a Sunday drive. And Lockhart is officially recognized by the State of Texas – in a House Resolution no less – as the “Barbecue Capital…

Air Food: Austin International’s Salt Lick

Hey, the Murlocs who Dine went on the road last weekend. So we’re starting a new featurette – places we eat while traveling. Because not every place you eat is the destination.

Stiles Switch

The story of barbecue in central Texas is like reading about ancient Egyptian royalty. There’s dynasties, gods, legends, divided kingdoms, wars, mystery, and the whole thing is vaguely incestuous. The Mueller’s are one of the biggest barbecue dynasties in central Texas and it’s not unusual for any barbecue place worth its smoke to be traced…