One Weird Hack for Upgrading your Hotdogs

One weird hack (or maybe several depending on your knife skills) for upping your grill game

Road Food: Wawa

Because the food isn’t always the destination. One of the big puzzlements in my life (okay, not big but certainly reoccurring with frequency) is why so much of on-the-go food is made up of greasy gut-bombs. It seems to me the very last time you want to risk an emergency bio break would be in…

Romancing the Mineral

So a few posts back I indulged in a little reminiscing about the things I have in my kitchen that remind me of other people. I brought up my salt cellar and promised that it would get its own post. This is as good a time as any.

The Cure for Cured Meat: Dried Apricot Mostarda

If you are fond of fancy charcuterie plates (and short of being vegetarian, why wouldn’t you be?) then you may recognize this particular condiment. Mostarda is a spicy fruit preserve from Northern Italy that is traditionally served with boiled meats. It quite easily makes the side step into improving meat and cheese plates. It’s a…

Who’s Been Stealing my Tomatoes?

This guy. So much for fresh caprese salads this summer. Worth it though; I love seeing birds on the porch. Hopefully we’ll see some more of this guy.

I Too, am an Oxygen Enthusiast

Can we talk for a moment about how much I hate the word “foodie”? Last spring I encountered the phrase “food cognoscenti” – which gets a point for not being the base of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and then immediately loses ten for being so obnoxiously pretentious. As far as I could figure out it…

Two Heads are Better than One

So there’s a certain class of food that is too good to be wasted on paying customers. These are the bits on the animal that you get to pick on in the kitchen before serving the “pretty” food. In the case of fish, that’s the head. There are pockets of moist deliciousness in the cheeks,…