One-Pan Meal: Pork Belly ‘n Taters

I’m embarrassed to call this pork-belly dish a ‘recipe’


Thai One On: Red Thai Curry Pork

I think it’s pretty much required when you have a cooking blog that you refer to a Thai recipe with that “Thai one on” pun at some point. I’m just getting out in front of that early. But really, the only thing Thai about this recipe is the Thai Kitchen branded red curry paste. So…

The Cure for Cured Meat: Dried Apricot Mostarda

If you are fond of fancy charcuterie plates (and short of being vegetarian, why wouldn’t you be?) then you may recognize this particular condiment. Mostarda is a spicy fruit preserve from Northern Italy that is traditionally served with boiled meats. It quite easily makes the side step into improving meat and cheese plates. It’s a…

Murlacos Tacos (Carnitas)

Another taco recipe! Carnitas in the very traditional fashion involves braising an entire pig until the water evaporates and it deep-fries in its own fat. This recipe approximates the results with a home-kitchen friendly pork shoulder (also known as a Boston Butt).