It’s Moving Day!

  What? Cooking with Murloc is evolving! Cooking with Murloc evolved into Luncheons & Dragons!

What do You Want to Know: Food Trucks

Greetings faithful readers! I am super excited this week because on Thursday I’m going to interview one of the best food trucker’s in the nation, Chef Eric of Hey You Gonna Eat or What. And that’s not just my sandwich-loving opinion, we’d be here all day if I were to list all the accolades his…

Who’s Been Stealing my Tomatoes?

This guy. So much for fresh caprese salads this summer. Worth it though; I love seeing birds on the porch. Hopefully we’ll see some more of this guy.

Trucklandia! Day One

Seriously, I cannot get over that name change. Blech! But on to more savory fare! Trucklanida is a food truck festival in Austin. Proceeds go to Keep Austin Fed and the winner chosen by public vote gets $10,000. Over the next six days The Murlocs who Dine will be taking a tour of Austin one…